Monday, October 25, 2021

Jill Anschutz

Jill Hamilton's Email & Phone - Denver Institute for Faith & Work - Greater  Denver Area

Articulate, energetic and collaborative communications expert with 10+ years of experience in public issues and influencing opinions, policy and behavior.

Excellent verbal and written communicator with a broad range of experience (communications and campaign planning, messaging, brand development, social media management and blogging), highly successful team leader, skilled organizer of information and people with the ability to energize the plans and ideas of others, natural ability to understand the larger goal but focus on and work through details.

* Conceptual thinker with the ability to think creatively, analyze and understand abstract ideas. Gifted at understanding the organization as a whole while also identifying the importance of connections among its smaller parts. Able to leverage this talent to envision and lead organizational change both for my employer and my clients.
* Experienced at managing issue campaigns that integrate communication strategies (web, earned media, social marketing, paid advertising, email engagement and canvassing) to educate, engage and activate grassroots constituencies.
* Perceptive about client needs and unspoken dynamics that influence the team’s ability to achieve meaningful results.
* Workamajig “power user” able to manage creative projects through the agency life cycle while staying on time and on budget. Highly computer literate (Mac and PC) including extensive use of all Microsoft Office programs.

Reflection Questions: “Where are you?” This is the question that God asked Adam in the garden after he and Eve sinned and hid. Ask God to reveal sin in your life that you may not be aware of. If God has revealed sin in your life, what needs to change to break the pattern of sin? How will you go about doing what God has called you to regarding the sin in your life?

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