Spiritual Renewal 2021

Jeff Schulte

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Jeff gives direction and oversight to the global mission of Tin Man. His passion is investing deeply and personally in the lives of leaders and the organizations they lead. For decades, Jeff has been a trusted friend, guide, and mentor to c-suite executives, elite athletes (college, professional and Olympic), coaches, musicians, pastors, and non-profit leaders. He is also an in-demand communicator  and small group facilitator (executive leadership teams, YPO Forum retreats, etc.). To view a brief video where Jeff share’s his “story,” click here.

Jeff started and led several non-profits and was the directional leader, teaching pastor, and founder of a church with international reach that grew under his leadership from four people to more than 4,000 in eight years.  Jeff has served in leadership roles with FamilyLife, Athletes in Action, and on ministry boards including Amazima, The Compassionate Hope Foundation, Hawaiian Island Ministries, and Porter’s Call.

Jeff is co-author of The Voice of the Heart Bible Study and two Gold Medallion award-winning resources with over a million copies in print. He has an MA in counseling with honors, and he earned a Th.M. and M.Div. with highest honors from Western Seminary and a B.A. from Yale University where he majored in Organizational Behavior, Sociology, and Religious Studies.

Jeff’s own story is what brings him to the work of Tin Man. Married to Brenda for 31 years, Jeff is the father of 6 and the grandpa of two. Home for Jeff and Brenda is Nashville, TN. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Andrea Conn

Retired Taylor University Staff MemberAndrea Conn is employed at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, and makes her home in Van Buren, Indiana, with her husband Mike and two children, Emilee and Gabe. She and her family own and operate Downtown Martial Arts(DMA), a Taekwondo school based out of their church as a ministry offering classes free of charge. After multiple surgeries ended her active participation in Taekwondo, Andrea grew concerned about how she could serve God and if He would continue to use her.

The high-impact demonstrations DMA took to various venues presenting the message of Jesus, which saw hundreds saved, was her passion–she loved the opportunity to share God’s love with their audiences. It was during the seasons of recovery from her surgeries that she began to consider a new chapter in her story, one that had come to her years before but had not yet taken shape.

For years, Andrea had envisioned authoring a series of children’s books telling stories from the Bible with a fresh approach. These stories would be told through the eyes of animals, a perspective she felt would catch the attention of her target audience. She began writing down her thoughts, making a list of the books she saw, not knowing where it would lead her. What began to form was a series of books now called “Zookeeper’s Collection,” the first presenting Creation. Doors began to open for her, turning what seemed like only an intriguing dream into an attainable reality. It was clear to Andrea that her desire to serve God had created in her a new passion to be a Christian children’s book author.

When asked about her purpose for writing “Zookeeper’s Collection,” her answer is simple: “Obedience is the reason. And what do I hope is accomplished? That seeds are planted… and, ultimately, even if just one soul is saved. No fame, money, or personal reward could come close to what value it would be to have just one child’s soul saved who read this or a parent who read this to them… There’s no better glory to His Kingdom.”

Andrea’s heart is one of passion–for family, for friends, for life–but above all, her passion is for Jesus. “Nothing has ever affected every emotion in me as He does.” It’s this stirring inside to serve Him that compels her to write and lay her heart out for all to see, knowing that it’s all about Him. Her passion for God is evident, her heart to bless others is huge, and her love of laughter is infectious. These qualities all shine through vividly in her “Zookeeper’s Collection.”

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Worship from Chapel: Great are You Lord / God of Revival

Reflection: How have you seen God show up in your life?

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hope Brown – Sacred Journey Counseling

Hope Brown is a licensed counselor in the state of Indiana. She has experience working with a variety of mental health concerns, relational distress, trauma and phase of life problems. Her strength is creating a safe space where people can be themselves and receive acceptance. She also starts where clients are and does not force either faith or beliefs on her clients. Hope’s style of counseling is conversational, relational, emotion focused and experiential.


Individual Chapel Band Auditions

Interested in auditioning as an individual to participate in TU Chapel Bands? 

The chapel program has limited openings for individuals interested in investing in worship at TU Chapel.  The “sign up as a complete chapel band” auditions will be held spring 2021.

Who: People interested in participating in chapel bands in the 2020-2021 academic year
 What: individual auditions for vocals, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, piano, and any other instrument
 When: Sign up for a 10 minute slot on
Tuesday, November 10th from 6-9 pm and
Thursday, November 12th from 6-9 pm
 Where: Sign up by emailing Lori Heath at lori_heath@taylor.edu
 Why: to be placed on a sub list for J-term and Spring 2021 for chapel bands
 How: Prepare a 3 minute selection that demonstrates your fit with the chapel music at Taylor
For more information, please email Clif Davis at cldavis@taylor.edu