Purpose & Guiding Principles

Taylor University’s chapel program provides a setting in which community members gather to participate in Christ-centered worship that fosters spiritual formation, the integration of biblical truth and faith with learning and life, and a thoughtful response to needs and opportunities within the Taylor community, the broader Christian church, and the world.

According to Taylor’s identity as a nondenominational evangelical Christian academic institution that is committed to biblical authority and historic Christian orthodoxy, Taylor’s chapel program is guided by the following priorities.

Corporate Worship: As lives and relationships become increasingly fractured, chapels have the unique potential to bring together the entire Taylor community for corporate worship. Together we worship God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – expressing our devotion and opening our lives to God as one body.

Scripture Engagement: During chapel, we engage with Scripture carefully and meaningfully through proclamation, inquiry, and application.

Intellectual Challenge: We come to chapel ready to wrestle with how biblical truth challenges our preconceived ideas and corresponds with insights from our academic disciplines.

Whole-Person Focus: We come to chapel ready to consider how our faith impacts all areas of our lives as we cultivate loving God with heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Diversity: Throughout the year we interact with the spectrum of evangelical thought, practice, worship, and style, and we enjoy contributions from Christians with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Lifelong Practice: Chapel attendance is expected for members of the Taylor community. This and other chapel policies and programs are designed to encourage lifelong spiritual growth and commitments to God’s people in the church (local and global).

Collaboration: The chapel program does not stand alone but works in collaboration with other people and programs to advance the larger mission of the university.