Friday, February 10, 2023

Robert Clementz

Robert Clementz is a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Along with his wife, Molly, and now four adult children, he served in Dallas, Texas, Papua New Guinea and currently works remotely from Rockford, Michigan. He has been serving the Bibleless peoples for 34 years. Throughout those years he has filled many roles, but with the same passion – to see minority people groups have God’s Word in the language and form that touches individual hearts and changes entire communities. “Being part of an amazing team of people serving others so they can understand how much God loves them keeps me pressing on each day.” He is currently recruiting more people to join the Bible translation movement. He loves to see young people who cherish God’s Word connect with those who need Him so desperately.  

“I have seen my two daughters grow in their faith, flourish academically and wholly embrace the community here at Taylor University. The professors, staff and students make this Taylor dad excited to endorse the university to future students and Taylor parents whenever possible.”

Reflection questions for further engagement:

-Do you realize the great gift that you have with God’s Word available in a language that touches your heart?
-Are you going to continue to pursue what you think that is best for your life or what God wants for your life?
-Are we being attentive to His guiding hand and flexible enough to move as He leads?

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