Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Zach Szmara

Zach Szmara serves as the pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Logansport, Indiana. He has seen firsthand how God can take a mono-cultural, declining church that was near closing its doors and transform it into a growing, dynamic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual church that has impacted her city, her region, and the nation for Jesus. He is an accredited immigration legal representative and launched the first Immigrant Connection office. Since it opened in 2014, over 600 immigrants from over 50 different countries have been served and over 70 different church leaders have been trained. Zach also serves as immigrant connection director of The Wesleyan Church and looks forward to continuing to partner with Wesleyans as they holistically love immigrants within their churches and communities. Zach is married to Lyndy, a transformative special educator. They have a 6-year-old son, Isaac, who lives up to his name (“laughter”) every day.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What has your perspective, if any, been on the issue of immigration? What voices or ideas have most influenced your position?  Has the Bible been the primary lens to shape your view or something else?
  2. How can you “change the narrative” in your circle of influence – from threat or burden to blessing?
  3. What are ways you can be intentional about tangibly loving and welcoming immigrants in your community?  
  4. Who may the Holy Spirit be calling you to kollaō with?

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