Friday, January 21, 2022

Dr. Barb Bird

Dr. Barb Bird is Taylor’s Professor of English, Dean of Faculty Development, and Director of the Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning.

“​​I love teaching at Taylor because of our unique culture. Taylor’s faculty and student body are both diverse and at the same time, unified. We are diverse since we come from different countries and cultures, have different faith backgrounds and spiritual stories, demonstrate different personalities and passions, and even vote on opposite sides of the aisle. But at the same time, we celebrate our diversity, we celebrate our community which is created by all of us choosing to live and work together under one faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and with one purpose: preparing the next generation for a life of servant leadership wherever God calls them.

I trained and mentored over 50 students across 16 years that I directed the Writing Center, which was a joy and privilege for me! I was awarded Taylor’s Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership” award in 2010”

Barb enjoys summer traveling with her husband in their 5th wheel trailer, running (half and full marathons), visiting Walt Disney World, and staying in Fort Wilderness Campground.


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