Sunday, October 10, 2021

Heather Larson


Heather brings 22 years of non-profit experience to LiveGive, including more than a decade of executive leadership and overseeing an annual budget of $77 million and 350 employees. Heather has worked for the American Red Cross and Willow Creek Community Church. Now, as the founder of LiveGive, she is leading a philanthropy advisory firm, and she is sought out as a leadership consultant and speaker.

Heather’s leadership, vision, and strategy has always been about investing in great people around significant causes. Heather has built LiveGive, a philanthropy advisory firm, to help families, foundations and companies do their best strategic giving. Heather enjoys diving into complex problems, motivating teams, and helping others to succeed and reach their full potential. Whether partnering with a local entrepreneur in Guatemala, problem-solving with a CEO in Chicago, brainstorming with a woman in a hut in Malawi, or training leaders internationally, Heather loves connecting generous people and inspiring great leadership.

Her favorite time is hanging out with her husband and their two teenage daughters. Heather cherishes the reminder that life is short and we each get a small window to make a difference in the world around us.

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