Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Pastor Tim McConnell

Tim McConnell

Been at First Pres since: June 2016. I love it, and I’m honored to serve as the 15th Lead Pastor of this awesome church body. I never thought God would call me back to my hometown of Colorado Springs. It’s a privilege to serve the Lord nurturing His body the church, and to be part of a group of leaders seeking to influence the common good of this city in such manifest ways.

What do you like about First Pres?
I love being a part of the ministry God started here in 1872 and continues today—reaching Colorado Springs for Christ! This church is full of people God has used in incredible ways to build His Kingdom over the years. Every time I get to hear someone’s story I’m inspired to know how regular worship in this body shaped and influenced people to do things like start international evangelistic associations to reach high schoolers with the Gospel, staff worldwide sponsorship programs for orphans and destitute children, support families, deepen Christian discipleship practices, combat child slavery and human trafficking, or just help the neighbor right here in Colorado Springs stand up and walk again with pride.

You won’t believe the caliber of people gathered here to serve and worship the Lord. With all the great accomplishments of our history behind us, it’s actually our future we love the most. We love our dreams more than our legends. God has big plans for this ministry and the best is yet to come.

Where can people find you?
I spend a lot of time in my study at the main building. The preacher lives between the Word and the people. I consider it my first priority to preach well, preparing the people of God to hear God’s Word with a motivation to follow in it. That task takes the majority of my time and energy. Otherwise, I’m on a trip helping our church network thrive or visiting one of our global partners. You can follow some of the stuff God has me doing on my personal website.What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to raise four kids with my wife, Abigail, who serves as the Executive Director of an international poverty relief agency, TOLI. Raising boys means a lot of soccer, basketball and football field time. Our older daughter and son are now off to college, but we still have two boys at home. We love getting outside, rock-climbing, hiking, biking and sometimes fishing. My wife and I have been married for more than 22 years, and we love long meals together and slipping away on vacation. I have to admit, it was a dream come true to get back to my home state of Colorado and have a local season ski pass in my pocket. Look for me on the top of Peak 8 between November and April.

Reflection Questions: How is love defined in verse ten of our text this week? How does this definition compare to how modern culture defines love? What is the command found in verse 11?

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