Monday, September 13, 2021

Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr serves with Wycliffe USA as Vice President for Planning, Staffing and  Development. He leads a national team comprised of three different areas: Workforce  Planning and Recruitment, Staffing, and Development~Orientation~Training.  Jamie’s teams are responsible for engaging with our global partners to determine the  workforce needs in the future for each area of the world. Collaboratively they identify the  needs, the likely future scenarios, and prayerfully consider how to invite the global  church to participate together. The various teams recruit, invite, assess, place, and  develop sufficient numbers of Godly people for Bible Translation roles. 

Jamie grew up as the son of Bible translators in Papua New Guinea. Jamie and  Anita have four adopted children. Anita grew up as a farm girl in Lititz PA where she  worshipped at Lititz Mennonite Church. Both Jamie and his wife, Anita, have a breadth  of experience in education, training and leadership in various contexts. Their mission  statement as a family is to accelerate the return of Christ. 

Jamie’s experience as a missionary kid and a global nomad help bring a different  exposure to those considering global service. Jamie’s background in various cultures,  cross-cultural experiences and diverse leadership opportunities have taught him a  dependence on God in all seasons. Jamie has a Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies  from Wheaton College and has served on various boards.  

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