Friday, April 23, 2021

Todd Gongwer Todd 1

For nearly thirty years, Todd Gongwer has been building his expertise in leadership and team dynamics by serving in a variety of senior level roles in business and athletics. From entrepreneurial start-up, to public company to college athletics, Todd’s real-life practical experiences in these worlds have given him a perspective that allows him to connect with his audiences in powerfully impactful ways. As a best-selling author, speaker and teacher on leadership and cultural development, Todd has spent the last decade working with some of the most successful coaches, teams, business leaders and educators in America. His principles have been embraced by countless leaders, including coaches and athletes from championship programs in the NCAA, NBA, MLB and NFL. Stories of the profound impact of Todd’s message have been featured on ESPN the Magazine,, Bleacher Report and Todd continues to work with many of the most successful coaches in sports and is a popular speaker at major universities (Darden School of Business), high-profile sports teams (Clemson Football), national associations (American Baseball Coaches Association), and high-profile businesses (Home Depot) throughout the country. He lives in Indiana with his wife and three children, Kaden, Kira, and Wadson.

Cornerstone / Every Victory / King of my Heart

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