Monday, March 8, 2021

Rev. Ethan Linder 1767D2F2-510D-43C6-9E00-DC874FACFE36_1_105_c

Rev. Ethan Linder serves as Pastor of Young Adults and Hospitality at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana, where he lives with his wife, Sarah, and their three sons: Ezra (who’s 3), Isaiah (who’s 2), and Jack (who’s 9 months old). In a season where young people  are often questioning the role of church in a community, he loves seeing the church use creativity and connection to extend load-bearing grace.

REDIGER: The Lion and the Lamb / The King in all His Beauty / Hallelujah Here Below
ODLE: Good Good Father / Here Again / Sinking Deep
  • What is God calling me toward in this season?
  • What is God calling me away from?
  • If I’m honest, am I more like Zacchaeus before meeting Jesus (My generosity doesn’t cause me to give up anything; my happiness is centered on success; I’m not willing to own up to my part in others’ hurts; I would rather stand out from the crowd than serve them) or am I more like Zacchaeus after meeting Jesus (generosity makes me sacrifice; I name and make amends for my ways of mistreating others; right relationship with God is the orienting priority in my life)? Which—if I’m honest—seems more like me?

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