Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Spiritual Renewal – Session 4

Pastor Nirup Alphonse

Nirup Alphonse is the Lead and Founding Pastor of LIFEGATE, a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural church in Denver, Colorado. Born in Singapore to missionary parents, Nirup was then raised in South India before moving to Chicago, Illinois to for High School. He graduated with an Accounting and Economics degree from Trinity International University and moved into full time ministry a few years later. Pastor Nirup’s journey in ministry began as a Worship Pastor before eventually focusing on teaching and eventually with a team of about 45 people moved from the Midwest to Denver to plant a church.  LIFEGATE is one of the fastest growing churches in Colorado and their focus is creating a community that is truly mutli-ethnic with a deep commitment to God’s Word, prayer, worship and intentional discipleship. Pastor Nirup leads an innovative and young staff team that creates ministry in very unique ways in the city. As a preacher, Pastor Nirup has a very unique way of proclaiming God’s Word while weaving in stories, humor, and practical takeaways for personal and corporate practice. Outside of his love for Jesus Christ and the local church, Pastor Nirup loves his family, reading and his new hobby – cooking. He has been married to his wife Hannah for 14 years and together they teach, coach and mentor other young couples, especially in the dynamic of inter-racial marriage. They have three young sons Jaihan (10), Elijah (6), and Ezekai (4). 

Worship in REDIGER: Never Lost / Living Hope / In Christ Alone
                 ODLE: O Praise the Name / His Mercy is More / The Kingdom is Yours
Scripture: Romans 12

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