Jesse Eubanks

Friday, October 6, 2020
Jesse Eubanks
Jesse spent 7 years serving as the Director for Hope for Louisville – the precursor to Love Thy Neighborhood. Having raised over $2M in the last two years to help the homeless, Jesse launched LTN in January 2014, returning to his roots leading young adults to build relationships with people who are marginalized, serve with nonprofits and experience spiritual formation in Christ. He geeks out over Ira Glass and Tim Keller, loves listening to his wife Lindsay rap Salt-N-Pepa lyrics and wrestling with his son and daughter. Jesse and his family reside in the Audubon Park neighborhood.

Reflection Questions
1. How do you believe Jesus responds to your doubt?
2. What do you believe your deepest identity is?
3. What practical steps can you take this week to help people who are marginalized and hurting?
Worship from Chapel
Give us Your Heart / Available / Goodness of God / Great is Thy Faithfulness


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