Geoff King

Friday, October 23, 2020
Geoff King
Geoff King serves as Executive Director of Equipping (Equipping Pastor) at Fellowship Missionary
Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In this role, Geoff assists with the overall direction of Fellowship’s vision
while overseeing the prayer, diversity & reconciliation, and “glocal” mission outreach ministries. Geoff is
an accomplished teacher, speaker, and author with a high shepherds gifting; and a heart for community
and seeing Kingdom flourish. As a lifelong resident of Fort Wayne, Geoff is committed to seeing the Fort
Wayne community: partnered, reconciled and thriving in both Kingdom and cultural ways.

Geoff King Picture

Reflection Questions 
1. Where are you recognizing Gods power and presence in your life?
2. In what moments do you call out to God?
3. What old/worldly securities do you need to leave behind?
4. Where is God inviting you to ask in faith?
5. Where are you being prompted to follow Gods lead in this season?
Worship from Chapel
Stand in your Love / Forever Reign / Lean Back

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