Dr. J.R. Briggs

Friday, October 9, 2020
Homecoming Chapel 

J.R. Briggs

Dr. J.R. Briggs possesses four passions: Following Jesus, equipping and investing in hungry kingdom leaders, growing fruit on other people’s trees, and creating good kingdom mischief. In short, his calling is to partner with people who are called to follow Jesus while they lead others. 

In 2011 he started Kairos Partnerships, an organization committed to serving hungry kingdom leaders through leadership coaching, consulting, speaking, teaching, equipping and writing.

For more than 15 years, J.R. served in pastoral roles in mega-churches, church plants and house church networks. Since starting Kairos Partnerships, he has served and invested in pastors and kingdom leaders in over 40 denominations throughout North America. 

In addition to pastors and church planters, he has also invested in a wide variety of leaders, including business owners, U.S. Olympic athletes, university administrators, athletic directors, coaches, and attorneys.

He is affiliate faculty member in practical theology at Missio Seminary and guest instructor at Friends University in the Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation program. He has guest lectured, taught and spoken at over a dozen colleges, universities, and seminaries around the U.S.

He also serves as the Director of Leadership & Congregational Formation for The Ecclesia Network and as a National Trainer and Strategist for Fresh Expressions U.S

He has written, co-written or contributed to ten books on a wide variety of topics. His most recent book is The Sacred Overlap: Learning to Live Faithfully in the Space Between (Zondervan) He has also published articles in Christianity Today, Huffington Post, Preaching Today, American Bible Society, N.T. Wright Online, Missio Alliance, and Relevant Magazine, among others (see full list here).

He co-hosts the Monday Morning Pastor, a weekly podcast created to provide space for kingdom leaders to talk about ministry and leadership in raw and hope-filled ways, and hosts the Resilient Leaders podcast, a twice-weekly podcast equipping leaders to grow in their resilience in the new reality. 

He serves on the board of Jerusalem University College, an academic institution offering short-term study programs, semester study abroad opportunities, and a Masters degree program right on Mt. Zion.

J.R. and his wife, Megan, are 2001 graduates of Taylor University. He received the Distinguished Alumni Award at last years’ Homecoming.  A fun fact about J.R. is that he is the original owner of infamous striped Friday shirt..

He and his wife Megan have been married for over 19 years and have two sons, Carter and Bennett. They live in Lansdale, PA in the greater Philadelphia area.

Worship from Chapel:
Christ be Magnified / Tremble / Holy Holy Holy
Reflection Questions:
1. From what J.R. shared, what made your soul sing? What makes your soul sting?
2. What would “double majoring” in conviction and civility look like on the Taylor campus, especially in such divisive times?
3. Think of the prayer: “Lord, grant me wisdom, courage, and compassion.” How might your life be different if you lived as a wise, courageous, and compassionate Taylor student?


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