Local Church Week – Pastor Josh Cooper

Monday, September 14, 2020

Local Church Week

Josh Cooper pixPastor Josh CooperJoshua has been the pastor and lead teacher of the Bridge Community Church since it’s launch in September of 2006. He served in youth ministry for six years, campus ministry at Youth for Christ for three years, as well as seven years as the executive director at Youth for Christ, all in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana. Josh graduated from Taylor University in 2003 with degrees in Christian Education and Biblical Literature. He has been married to Jill since 2006 and they are proud parents of Lena and Beau. He is a Type 1 on the Enneagram but isn’t sure he believes it. Josh is an adoption advocate and music lover and enjoys a good book of theology and a comfy pair of house slippers. 


Reflection Questions:

– Can you identify a person or group that you have labeled as outside your camp? Why have they been placed there?
– How does both Moses’ reaction to Joshua and Jesus’ reaction to John speak to you in regards to how you understand how God works?
– Consider this thought: “Jesus’ life and death show us that God’s basic orientation is humility.” How does humility help shape this conversation?

Songs from Chapel:

Jesus We Love You / Do it Again / Unstoppable God

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