Robert Gelinas

Monday, February 18, 2019
Robert Gelinas

Robert Gelinas


Robert Gelinas is pastor who deeply desires for people to experience God’s unfathomable love and presence. 

He leads Colorado Community Church, a multi-cultural, inter-denominational mission of 3000+ practicing Christians committed to washing the feet of the city. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Missiology.

Robert and his wife, Barbara live with their six children in the Denver area.


Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. Imagine yourself as a disciple of Jesus after his crucifixion. Suddenly, Jesus appears to you and leads you in a Bible study. How is this different from any other Bible study? What about Jesus’ presence makes following Jesus more dynamic?

2. Why to you think it’s so easy to slip into following programs for discipleship rather than following Jesus?


Songs from Chapel:

Reckless Love

How Great Thou Art