Dr. Bob Aronson

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Dr. Bob Aronson

Dr. Bob

A social scientist, he is known for his ethnographic work on masculine gender ideology and high-risk sexuality, and the use of community-based participatory research strategies to understand and address racial disparities in health status. Some of his more recent work has focused on understanding the causes of health disparities experienced by African American males, and identifying effective intervention strategies for this population across the social ecology. He received a four-year cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control to develop and test a culturally and contextually congruent HIV prevention intervention for heterosexually active African American male college students.  He was also a founding member and participant in the Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative between 2003 and 2013.

Among Dr. Aronson’s more than 50 peer reviewed publications include the following: “Brothers Leading Healthy Lives: Outcomes from the Pilot Testing of a Culturally and Contextually Congruent HIV Prevention Intervention for Black Male College Students” (AIDS Education and Prevention, 2013); and “Challenges to Masculine Transformation Among Low Income African American Men” (American Journal of Public Health, 2003).  Select book chapters include: “Strengthening Communities and the Roles of Individuals in Building Community Life” in, Social Injustice and Public Health, edited by Vic Sidel and Barry Levy (Oxford University Press, 2013); “Informing and Developing Research in the Context of Community-Based Participatory Research and Undoing Racism” in, The Uncharted Path from Clinic-based to Community-based Research, edited by Bonita Stanton, Jennifer Galbraith and Linda Kaljee (Nova Science Publishers, 2008); and “Undoing Racism Training as a Foundation for Team Building in CBPR” in, Community-Based Participatory Research for Health, edited by Meredith Minkler and Nina Wallerstein, (Jossey Bass Publishers, 2008). Dr. Aronson and his wife Jenifer live in Marion, Indiana.  Their daughter Elena lives in Richmond, VA and their son David and his wife Sara live in Syracuse, NY.


Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. If Taylor were to close, would grant county notice?
2. What are ways that you can be a blessing too loudly?
3. Which is more important, what we say or who we are becoming?


Songs from Chapel:

Only King Forever

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