Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Kristen Schoenbeck

Kristen Schoenbeck currently works in the Hospitality Industry as the Director of Macray Harbor Events Center and Regional/General Manager of three Restaurants. Since 2019 she navigated hits to the industry during Covid and saw a 50% increase in profitability across all revenue centers. She directed a restaurant buildout and redesigned the 30,000 square foot event center. She manages a staff of over 150 people. Perk of the job is getting someone else to cook for you!

Prior to her current position, Kristen served as a Teaching Pastor, Author, Campus Director, and Events Leader at Kensington Church for 14 years. Kensington Church was a multi-site church with over 15,000 members. Kristen served at three campus locations during her tenure at Kensington in many different roles. She started in guest services and then expanded her roles into local outreach, building operations, events, building design and staff management. During that time, she was fortunate to have the experience of launching a new Campus location. She served on the Executive decision-making team and was the only female on the Teaching Pastor team. She ideated and led the large central events for groups of 1000+ participants for the off-site retreats. She also led large local outreach programs such as building a house in a week and selling it to a family in need for $1.00, a huge reverse garage sale for refugee families, and Shine proms for guests with special needs.

Kristen graduated from Wheaton College a million years ago. She is married to Paul Schoenbeck and they have three amazing kids (Andrew married to Emma, Mitchell married to Maddie, and Adelyn) and two perfect, not kidding, perfect grandkids Isla and Ollie.

Kristen loves to dream big dreams and see God bring together the details. She loves to cook, diy craft, design, entertain, and beat her kids in board games. Her happy place is anywhere near or in water. Her favorite food is wedding cake and her favorite song changes weekly.

– What are some practical ways to remind those around you that they are loved and valued by God?
– What labels have you assigned to yourself? What lies are you believing?
– Where in your life have you seen God’s intentionality as He calls you to be obedient?