Monday, December 5, 2022

Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas graduated in 1987 from Taylor University with degrees in Communications and Piano and celebrated her 35th year class reunion during Homecoming this October. She stays in constant contact with her six best friends  from Olson Hall through a group text. Taylor friends are forever friends.

Karen claims Taylor as her true alma mater meaning “other mother” – her “spiritual” mother, where her eyes were opened to the richness of the Bible, world missions, intercessory prayer and the Holy Spirit.  Following graduation, she directed travel recruitment for Taylor supervising the admissions counselors and opening new geographic territories for the university. During this season, she also led Lighthouse trips and discipleship groups. Karen served on Taylor’s National Alumni Council and is completing her 15th year on the Board of Trustees.

She earned a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary, where she currently chairs the seminary’s Board of Trustees.  She loves leading a community women’s Bible study and a young marrieds class at her church and serving in a University of Kentucky college student house church.  Karen also leads on the ministry boards of Pine Cove Christian Camps, Hope India Mission and Burning Hearts, and enjoys involvement in her family businesses.

Karen and her husband David, a pastor and awakening movement leader, live in Lexington, Kentucky and delight in their three children Luke 22, JP 20, and Mary Esther 18. As a family, they love to travel, hike, watch Marvel and Star Wars movies with loads of popcorn, and be on mission together. Being a wife and mom are her greatest joys.

Reflection questions for further engagement:

-Honestly compare your preconceived notions about angels with biblical angels. How could these differences affect your relationship with the Lord?
-Brokenness helps us admit our need for the Lord and his angelic hosts, and He comes running to that humble heart. Comfort makes us self-reliant and builds barriers to receiving all that God desires for us. If you fall in the “comfortable” category, what ministry challenge could you face to spur deep reliance on the Lord and His Spirit?
-Can you deeply believe that God sees you and has his angels watching over you and working for you? Remember Hagar and pray to that end.
-Take the challenge: with whom are you going to share the Gospel this Christmas?