World Opportunities Chapel

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Dr. Sarah FarmerSarah Farmer Picture

Sarah Farmer is Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Community Development in the School of Theology and Ministry at Indiana Wesleyan University. As a practical theologian, she not only teaches community development courses, but also teaches in the areas of psychosocial identity and faith formation, youth ministry, and transformative pedagogy.

Before coming to Indiana Wesleyan University in Fall of 2018, Farmer served as an associate research scholar and lecturer at Yale Divinity School and helped direct the Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Program at Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Sarah received her M.Div and PhD from Emory University, where she taught as an adjunct faculty and co-directed a Certificate in Theological Studies Program at a Women’s Prison.
Sarah Farmer co-founded the Youth Arts and Peace Camp in Chester, PA and worked with the Youth Hope-Builders Academy at Interdenominational Theological Center. She is co-author with Anne E. Streaty Wimberly of Raising Hope: 4 Paths to Courageous Living for Black Youth, which explores the ways adults can become agents of hope in the lives of young people who might be in the midst of circumstances that seem hopeless.

Sarah Farmer is married to Ronnie Farmer and has three children.


Reflection/Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways has your current position in life (physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual) made it difficult to see those in need?
  2. Where is the Lord of the Harvest sending you in this season of your life?
  3. Where do you feel God is preparing to send you after you leave Taylor?


Songs from Chapel:

Open Up the Heavens

Yes I Will 

Reckless Love

God I look to You