Katie Taylor

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Katie Taylor


Katie Taylor serves as the Executive Director and is the founder of Film School Africa. She studied communications at Taylor University in Indiana and during her time at university, she spent a semester at the LA Film Study Center learning film production and doing an internship with 20th Century Fox in their feature-casting department.

After university, Taylor returned to Hollywood and began assisting executive producers in television. She became more interested in screenwriting during this time, and even sold a story for one of the series. As a result of this sale, she was included into the WGA (Writers Guild of America).

She soon found that her love for the casting process was taking over, and made the jump to work with Francine Maisler, one of the world’s premiere casting directors.  With Francine, she assisted on several big budget features like Spider-man 3 and Michael Mann’s Miami Vice, as well as more artistic fare like Into the Wild and Babel. Eventually she started jumping around to work with different casting directors and numerous studios for producers and directors like Adam Sandler, Tim Burton, Alexander Payne, Ben Stiller, Marc Forster and Steven Spielberg.



Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. What talents and abilities have you been given by God for his kingdom- and how can you faithfully put them into practice?
2. How can your story be used to impact others?
3. What steps can you take now to join God’s story and what is he doing in your community and around the world?