Dr. Greg MaGee

Monday, April 1, 2019
Dr. Greg MaGee


Dr. MaGee loves working at Taylor. He enjoys the content he teaches, since there is so much to explore, savor, and be challenged by in the Bible. He is energized by the students here, and he is happy to link arms with colleagues in the common pursuit of fostering persistent, disciplined, and imaginative learning at Taylor. Having served in ministry to college students for a decade (including four years on a university campus in East Asia), Dr. MaGee knows that students often develop deep roots in Christian faith during their years in college.

Dr. MaGee has also been active in ministry to children and youth at his local church and as a volunteer at Lift, an after-school reading program in the community. He has enjoyed joining his family (wife Emily, and children John, Bethany, and Mark) at various Taylor sporting events, performances, exhibits, and great traditions such as Airband and Taylathon.

Dr. MaGee’s specialties in biblical studies are Paul’s letters and Biblical Theology. He has published two books, the most recent called Studying Paul’s Letters with the Mind and Heart (Kregel Publications), and he also edited a devotional project, Alpha and Omega: 40 Weeks of Devotions Written by Students from Taylor University. Learning “on-location” in Israel, Greece, Italy, China, and Turkey (while leading Taylor students on trips to these countries) has also greatly enriched his research and teaching.


Reflection/Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways does having the mind of Christ shape your learning at Taylor?
  2. How could your re-engagement with a specific corporate practice – whether baptism, communion, worship in churches near and far, or talking about life change help re-ignite your appreciation for the power of Christ crucified?
  3. What habit or mindset needs to change to help you experience a Spirit-enabled, childlike faith when you read the Bible?


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