Brian Zehr

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Brian ZehrZehr

Brian has nearly 30 years experience as a professional speaker, leader, trainer, coach and leadership developer. During much of this time, Brian has been involved in leading faith based organizations and continues to work in and with churches across the USA. He is a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and has been on the teaching faculty of the Registered Corporate Coaches program. Brian is the author of THOROCITY: The Seven Critical Components to Lead with Confidence. Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Taylor University and his Master of Arts in Communication from Wheaton College. In addition to his leadership at Intentional Impact, Brian is also actively engaged as a Keynote Speaker across the country.

Brian’s career has included Executive Coaching, Business Consulting, and he has been both a Lead Pastor and a Campus Pastor. Brian can also be found teaching at one of the Chicagoland campuses of Community Christian Church.

“The most important thing that leaders can do is to utilize their influence to bring
about positive change.”


Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1) How will you initiate investing in people?
2) Who will you inquire of before the semester is over?
3) What illustrations of God’s love are shown in your life?