Dr. Gene Habecker

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Dr. Gene Habecker Habecker

Dr. Eugene B. Habecker has been named President Emeritus of Taylor University. Habecker, a 1968 Taylor alumnus, served as Taylor’s President from 2005 until May 31, 2016.

Highlights of his administration include:

  • raising $160 million for endowment and capital projects;
  • construction of major campus facilities which include the Memorial Prayer Chapel, Euler Science Complex, and the LaRita Boren Campus Center;
  • construction of the Campbell and Wolgemuth student apartment complexes and Breuninger residence hall;
  • construction of athletic and physical education facilities including the Eichling Aquatics Wing of the Kesler Student Activities Center, a new combined football and soccer stadium and lighted practice facility, and renovation of Odle Arena;
  • establishment of the Spencer Centre for Global Engagement, Center for Scripture Engagement, Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Center for the Study of CS Lewis and Friends, and Center for Missions Computing;
  • establishment of international centers in Greystones, Ireland, and Cuenca, Ecuador;
  • establishment of articulation agreements with Hongdong University, Korea; Verbo Church in Cuenca, Ecuador;
  • and nine straight number one regional rankings for Taylor by S. News and World Report.

Prior to coming to Taylor in 2005, Habecker served presidencies of the American Bible Society (1991-2005) and Huntington University (1981-1991). He also served in administrative positions at Huntington, George Fox University (Newberg, Ore.), and Eastern University (St. Davids, Pa.).

He holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Ball State University and the University of Michigan. He also earned a Juris Doctor from Temple University and is a member (inactive) of the Pennsylvania Bar. Habecker also completed the Institute for Educational Management program at Harvard University and is the recipient of honorary degrees from numerous colleges and universities. Additionally, he was honored by the State of Indiana as a Sagamore of the Wabash, the State’s highest award, during recent farewell ceremonies.

Habecker’s wife Marylou is also a 1968 Taylor graduate and holds a Master’s degree from Ball State University. She is a speaker, writer, and artist. She has also served on the boards of the Women’s Bible Society of New York City, Nyack College, Taylor University, the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA-NYC), and Overseas Council.

Between them, the Habeckers have traveled to more than 90 countries throughout Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. 


Reflection/Discussion Questions:
  1. We often think we know what God is doing in our lives. But often fail to see His larger agenda for us. In other words, how do we know that what’s happening in our lives is really what’s going on? Might God have a larger purpose, an expanded agenda for us rather than the one we sometimes settle for?  
  2. Too often we see ourselves as we are, and not as God sees us. How can we better understand how God sees us, rather than focusing only on  how we often see ourselves?
  3. When God calls us to action, do we need to fully understand His purpose before we respond in obedience? In other words, what is the link between responding in obedience to His leading as compared with fully understanding His purposes?


Songs from Chapel:

Oh God

Living Hope

Be Thou My Vision