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Monday, April 9, 2018
Alex McElroyMcElroy Picture

Alex McElroy is an international speaker, author, blogger, leadership advisor, and the Pastor of Education at New Life Covenant Southeast Church, with over 20,000 members led by Pastor John F. Hannah.  Alex has been serving in both youth and teaching ministries at New Life for over 12 years.  In his role, he teaches Discipleship class designed for adults to learn, fellowship, and grow in their faith within a small group setting.  Alex also trains hundreds of teachers and ministers to deliver lessons in proper lifestyle, Biblical study, focused preparation, and Apologetics in order to maximize their effectiveness in and for the Kingdom of God.

Though living in his purpose now, Alex has experienced and overcome significant struggles and setbacks in life. He suffered the loss of his father at a young age, dealt with drug and alcohol abuse in his college years, and found himself in an angry, depressed and lonely place as he endured financial hell that resulted in bankruptcy and desperation.  Thankfully, God used these arduous moments to reveal Himself.  Alex came to see God in a new way and developed a desire to learn the Word of God.  In learning the Word, Alex cultivated a strong relationship with God and came to believe in Jesus’ example of discipleship both in church and professionally. As a Christian Apologist, Alex is able to connect the Bible, historical facts, and scientific evidence to the purpose we each have within us.

Beyond his role at church, Alex has been instrumental in implementing his message of leadership and purpose in the business world. He has worked in and enjoyed tremendous success in the mortgage industry, insurance and financial services, as well as in the arena of energy efficiency. He is also a dedicated husband to his supportive wife of nine years and a loving father to two beautiful daughters who continue to inspire and push him to be a better man.

Now, Alex hopes to help others cultivate their own authentic relationship with God.  He continues to disciple hundreds of teens and adults through one-on-one mentoring, small group meetings, and electronic communications. As the head of the Education Department at New Life Covenant Southeast Church, he embraces every opportunity to teach both youth and adults the foundational concepts of the Word of God, the principles of the Kingdom of God, and how to live out the purpose God has placed in each of us. This is because Alex is a firm believer that God has created everyone on purpose with a purpose.


How are you preparing yourself for missions and evangelism now?

What were the things that brought you to the truth of the gospel?

To whom do you need to share truth with?