Dave & Dina Horne

Friday, March 5, 2018
Dave & Dina Hornedave_dina-2

Dave and Dina Horne are graduates of Taylor University (’89 and ’88). They give leadership to the Wesleyan Church in Europe. The Hornes coach and encourage missionary teams as well as national church leaders. They are passionate to see disciple-making churches thriving throughout Europe. Both Dave and Dina have Master’s degrees from Columbia Biblical Seminary and are ordained ministers in the Wesleyan Church.

  1. What about today’s world makes it challenging to find peace?
  2. Share your reaction to Dan Allendar’s statement, “The irony of questioning God is that it honors Him. It shows our desire to comprehend Him.”
  3. In what ways can doubt be a doorway to faith, and in what ways can doubt be dangerous?
  4. When have you experienced peace in the midst?