Jesse Eubanks

Friday, February 23, 2018

Jesse EubanksJesse Eubanks Picture

Jesse Eubanks is the Founder and Executive Director of Love Thy Neighborhood. Love Thy Neighborhood is an urban missions agency putting young adults on the front lines of nonprofit work and social action. Through social justice internships and Christian community, they’ve helped over 150 young adults transform from people who THINK about justice to people who are DOING justice. Jesse is also the host of the Love Thy Neighborhood podcast, a documentary storytelling program which recently reached #3 on iTunes in Religion & Spirituality that explores the intersection of social justice and Christian community. Relevant Magazine also named him one of the top 50 Christian artists and activists making an impact on culture in America. He’s been married to his wife Lindsay for 12 years and they have two beautiful children together. They live in Louisville, KY.


Where has God commissioned you to love?

What are doubts you have in the midst of that?

How can you trust God and find power in Jesus among your own weakness?