Wynn Coggin

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Wynn Cogginwynn.jpg

Wynn Coggin is a 2016 graduate of Taylor University who is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Taylor’s Master of Arts in Higher Education Program (MAHE). Wynn enjoys all things sports, with a special interest in Taylor and Alabama football, basketball, and watching his wife Ellie run for Taylor.

He has been married to his wife Ellie Coggin for almost 7 months now, but who’s counting? Wynn also has a passion for the Word of God and believes that the Bible is relevant and important in all areas of life. He is excited about starting a career in higher education after graduating from Taylor this Spring.


What stage of community are you in with the people around you (pseudocommunity, chaos, emptiness, or true community?)

How is your relationship with Jesus Christ impacting your life in your community?

Who in your community will you talk to about this?