Faculty Chapel

Friday, September 1, 2017
Tracy ManningPicture1

For more than 25 years, Tracy Manning has been working in the theatre. She began her career on stage, working as an actress, stage manager, and properties masters and eventually moved into the arena of directing. She has directed, acted in or produced over 75 productions. She completed her Master’s degree from Indiana University and is in her 12th year as Taylor’s Director of Theatre. She is currently the co-chair of the dept. of Music, Theatre and Dance. This summer she was named the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival State Chair and in 2016 was recognized as one of 5 national director’s of distinction by KCACTF for her directing work on David Lindsay Abaire’s play Rabbit Hole, with Rabbit Hole receiving 9 other national awards and winning the National KCACTF Award for Lighting Design.

Eric HernandezPicture2

Eric Hernandez teaches accounting.  Born and raised an evangelical in Mexico, work and curiosity have taken him to such diverse places from Beijing to Buenos Aires and everything in between.  Educated in Christian institutions from elementary school through graduate school, he sees himself as a product of the Christian liberal arts.  Before coming to Taylor, he spent a career in some of the largest global-energy-corporations, where in addition to his technical skills, he had to live-out Christian liberal arts aptitudes such as love-for-learning, critical thinking, creative-problem-solving, collaboration, leadership, and Christian-servanthood.  His wife is a former Houston prosecutor turned home-school mom.  They have 3 children who are loving growing up in Upland.

Dr. Tricia StanPicture3

Patricia Stan is a tenured member of the Taylor University department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  She graduated from Houghton College in upstate NY and earned her PhD in organometallic chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis. She currently teaches Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry for Living, a variety of labs and team-teaches Forensic Science with other members of the department.  Projects that Dr. Stan is currently working on are making connections to provide chemistry students with more internship opportunities and encouraging women in the sciences. A recent article published in The Teaching Professor has been included in the new book, “Active Learning: A Practical Guide for College Faculty” by Magna Publications Incorporated.

Tricia is married to Scott Stan, the women’s soccer coach at Taylor, so each fall while other people’s children go off to school “their girls” come “home”. Tricia and Scott are birdwatchers and she quilts or gardens in any spare time.