Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Dr. Abram Bicksler

President/CEO of ECHO Inc. 

The world’s environmental support systems are increasingly frail and showing signs of collapse. When we combine environmental degradation with increasing human suffering, the prospects for humankind look dim. What can be done and how can Christians help to love our (global) neighbors, care for the creation, and glorify God through our professions and lives? Join with me as I share a little bit about my story and about how God has been at work globally through science, technical resourcing, and networking via the work of ECHO and its diverse network to help meet some of our most pressing global needs. 

Reflection questions for further engagement:

– Have you surrendered your life (career, aspirations, hope for a family, comfort, convenience, etc.) fully to Christ? If not, what is holding you back?
– How can your chosen or potential profession be used to advance holistic ministry?
– What are ways to help ensure that you stay intentional in using your skills, talents, education, and experiences missionally for the glory of God throughout your life?