Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Bridget VanMeans

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Bridget VanMeans, President and Vision Leader of the “ThriVe Nation phenomenon”, has dynamically led the charge as the recognized catalyst for the ” authentic choice movement”.

A national, grace based organization which equips churches and God’s people with a meaningful success plan for women and men facing an unplanned our post Roe era.

In a nation that is rapidly falling away from biblical values, she  lives out her faith, with a passion to connect hurting people with a very real God who is brilliantly able to solve very real problems.

Considered a planet shaking “thought leader”, and strategic catalyst, she drives thrilling innovations, and a bold vision which delivers her favorite word…”RESULTS”.

Bridget is a frequent radio and tv news contributor, (sometimes creating the headlines of the day).

Areas of specialty are Kingdom culture, values driven leadership, the intersect between faith & goals and game changing strategies for maximum impact.

She promises to bring an inspiring testimony and challenging “NOW” message to her audience for God’s glory – always spiked with humor, friendship and tons of passion!