Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Russ Howell

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Russell Howell is Kathleen Smith Professor of Mathematics at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California. He holds degrees in Mathematics (Ph.D., The Ohio State University) and Computer Science (M.Sc., University of Edinburgh). While serving at Westmont he has had temporary appointments at UC Berkeley, Calvin College, the University of Maryland, Oxford University, and the United States Air Force Academy. He has twice received Westmont’s “teacher of the year” award. He has published in various mathematical journals, and is co-author of a text in complex analysis, now in its sixth edition. He is an editor and contributor to the books Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith, and Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective. He enjoys tennis, playing the piano, ocean kayaking, and hiking.

Reflection questions for further engagement:

-According to the speaker, how is the word “Let” in the passage from Proverbs 27:2 (“Let another praise you …”) a command directed to you, and what simple steps can you take to obey it?
-How can obeying the command of Proverbs 27:2 help you to follow the words of Jesus in John 21 (“What is that to you, you follow me?”) with respect to being distracted by what happens to other people?
-Do you think your participation in social media platforms can contribute to status anxiety? If so, what can you do to lessen their effects on you?