Friday, March 3, 2023

Pastor Brian Boone

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Brian was born in Tennessee, adopted at birth and reared in central Indiana.  He has been a Christ-follower since childhood and began preaching the good news about Jesus at age 16.  He studied at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and received his Bachelor of Arts from Wabash College and his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  For over twenty-five years he has pastored churches in Indiana and California and is an ordained minister of the Gospel with the Evangelical Church Alliance International. Brian served for six years as the President/CEO of the largest network of pregnancy resource centers in Indiana.  He has also served as a Vice President of Development, a U.S. Church Relations Director and a major gifts officer for non-profits and global mission agencies.  He currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Geist Chapel in Indianapolis, a Senior Advisor with Indiana Right to Life, and as the Executive Director of the Foundation for Sustainable Care.  Brian and his wife, Diann, are blessed with three girls, Natalie, Lindsay and Sally.

Reflection questions for further engagement:

  • Revival is the extraordinary work of God among His people, causing extraordinary results of spiritual revitalization in and through His Church. Where and when have you seen the evidence of revival in your life?… your family?… your campus?… your church?
  • Read the Old Testament book of Nehemiah and especially focus on chapters 7 and 8. We see in Nehemiah that revival results in rejoicing. Why is joy not the absence of problems or suffering, but the presence of God?
  • In what ways were the people spiritually prepared for worship (Neh. 7:73)? What does it mean to prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for worship? How would corporate worship be different if we would all come prepared to meet with God? Why and how are corporate worship celebrations an overflow of our personal worship?