Friday, March 10, 2023

Dee Bernhardt

Dee Bernhardt currently serves as Director of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas Aquinas – The Catholic Center at Purdue.  This ministry employs a discipleship model of ministry, empowering student leaders to become disciples who form disciples to take the gospel into the professional world upon graduation.  Dee specifically works with the Boiler Catholics’ Ministry Leadership Team (MLT), a group of 90 student leaders who facilitate all ministry offered by the Center; BoilerESTEEM, a program for graduating seniors; and Discipleship Training.   Dee holds Master of Religious Education and Master of Christian Spirituality degrees, with certifications in Spiritual Direction/Directed Retreats and Professional Catholic Campus Ministry.  For over thirty years, she has encouraged and formed student leaders in a variety of settings.  She has won several awards for campus ministry leadership and most recently, contributed a chapter to Campus Ministry:  Finding Meaning and Purpose in Higher Education, @2022 by Forum for Theological Education (FTE).

Reflection questions for further engagement:

-Who do you need to “break bread” with and get to know?
-How can you be curious about others’ beliefs this week?
-How are you praying about decisions before you make them?