Friday, January 13, 2023

Andy Gammons

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My name is Andy Gammons and it is my privilege to serve as the Executive Director of Admissions. I graduated from Taylor in 1999 and had an amazing experience. I knew I wanted to be a part of helping students receive similar college educations. I have worked in higher education for 20+ years. I have seen many different higher education institutions. Taylor University is unique in the way that we educate the whole person inside and outside of the classroom. We do this through an intentional, rigorous, living/learning community of faculty, staff, and students who long to be more like Jesus Christ for the glory of God. These characteristics will shape your college experience and help launch you into a meaningful career and life that will forever be different because of your time at Taylor.

You might hear similar things at other institutions, but I invite you to this “little postage stamp in Indiana” to see for yourself how our unique location allows us to offer you a college education different from any other in the country.

Questions for Further Reflection:

  1. When you struggle to connect with God, what is it that often get in the way?
  2. Have you ever gotten the imperatives and the indicatives out of order? In other words, have you struggled to understand that what we do for God rests in who we are in our relationship with God?
  3. What is one mercy of God that you need to keep in view?
  4. What one commitment to running the routine could you make today?